Henningsvaer: The 5 Best Spots for Snapping Epic Shots

You’ve arrived in Henningsvaer, and your camera’s primed for pics. This charming fishing village tucked away in Norway’s Lofoten Islands overflows with eye-popping scenery. From pastel-hued cabins perched over crystal fjords to craggy peaks kissing cotton candy skies, you’ll have no shortage of subjects for your shots. But with so many photogenic spots, where do you start? What are the best places to set up your tripod?


We’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll share the five most Instagram-worthy locations in Henningsvaer for capturing incredible images. From popular docks to hidden coves, we’ll point your lens toward the top spots guaranteed to inspire envy when you post the pics. So grab your gear, and let’s explore the village’s most picturesque corners. With this guide in hand, your photos will be traveler faves in no time.

Henningsvær: The Picturesque Fishing Village in Norway’s Lofoten Islands

The Fishing Village Itself

The fishing village of Henningsvær is undoubtedly one of the most scenic spots in the Lofoten Islands. With its red rorbu cabins perched over the sea and maze of walkways connecting the islets, you’ll never run out of photo ops here. For the best shots, head to the end of the pier by the Henningsvær Bryggehotell. You’ll get panoramic views of the harbor, surrounding mountains and maybe even spot whales in the fjord.


Just a short hike from the village, Svolværgeita, or ‘the Svolvær Goat,’ is one of the most iconic peaks in Lofoten. Scale the steep trail to the summit for a birds-eye view of Henningsvær, the Lofoten Wall and Vestfjorden. The best light for photography is often at sunrise and sunset when the spiky peak is illuminated against a colorful sky.

Storvågen Beach

A 10-minute walk from Henningsvær, Storvågen Beach is a scenic stretch of sand nestled between the sea and mountains. At low tide, the beach extends out to a sandbar, creating shallow pools perfect for reflections. For unique compositions, shoot the beach huts in the foreground with the Lofoten Wall or Svolvær Goat as a backdrop. You might even catch the northern lights dancing over the water at night.

With its postcard-perfect scenery around every corner, Henningsvær is a dream destination for any travel photographer. Whether shooting the village itself, surrounding peaks or nearby beaches, you’ll come away with memory cards full of epic shots to share. The only downside is that your followers may get seriously jealous!

The Top 5 Most Instagrammable Spots in Henningsvær

The Henningsvær Football Field

This picturesque football pitch sits on the edge of the ocean, with dramatic mountains in the background. It’s especially stunning at sunrise and sunset when the golden light illuminates the vivid green field. For the perfect shot, frame the goal posts in the foreground with the sea and mountains behind.

The Colorful Fishermen’s Cottages

The charming fishermen’s cottages along the harbor are a photographer’s dream. With bright red, yellow and blue facades, these historic houses pop against the deep blue sea. For the best photos, walk along the harbor front and snap photos of the entire row of cottages with the water in the background.

The Abandoned Cod Liver Oil Factory

The old cod liver oil factory is an urban explorer’s paradise. Perched on the hillside, the decaying stone walls and rusty equipment are incredibly atmospheric. Climb to the top floor for panoramic views of the town and sea. The peeling paint and patina of age will give your photos a moody, grungey vibe.

The Henningsvær Church

The picturesque white church sits on a small hill overlooking the town. Framed by the sea and mountains, this church is especially stunning in the golden light of sunrise and sunset. For the perfect shot, position yourself so the cross at the top of the steeple points to the sun.

The Colorful Storefronts and Streetscapes

Henningsvær’s streets are filled with colorful storefronts, boats and streetscapes begging to be photographed. Walk the winding lanes and alleys of the town and photograph anything that catches your eye, from a baby blue boat to a flamingo pink cafe front. The mix of colors, textures and details will make for an eclectic, whimsical collection of photos.

How to Get the Perfect Shot of the Henningsvær Soccer Field

Choose the Right Lens

The Henningsvær soccer field, with its dramatic backdrop of granite peaks and sea, demands a wide-angle lens to capture its grandeur. A focal length of 24-35mm on a full-frame camera is ideal. If you only have a standard kit lens, zoom out to the widest setting. A wide aperture of f/2.8 or lower will allow you to blur the background and make the surrounding landscape glow.

Get High or Low

Some of the most striking compositions are shot from an elevated vantage point, like the Henningsvær viewpoint, or down low, close to the grass. Crouch down or lie on your stomach to get the field, mountains and sky in the frame. The unusual perspective will make your image really stand out.

Include the Sea

The coastal setting is what makes this soccer pitch extra picturesque. Try to compose your shot so you have the sea, ideally with some boats or docks, in the background. The blue water contrasts beautifully with the green field and craggy peaks.

Shoot at Dawn or Dusk

The golden hours at sunrise and sunset are ideal for photography, casting a warm glow over the scene. If possible, get to the soccer field just before dawn or stay until dusk to capture the field bathed in golden light. The long shadows at these times of day will make your composition even more dramatic.

Edit and Enhance

Use post-processing software like Lightroom to make some final enhancements. Increase the contrast slightly to make the colors pop. You can also adjust the tone curve to add more warmth. Crop the image, if needed, to highlight the most striking elements of the composition. Your perfect shot of this iconic location will be social media gold!

Tips for Photographing the Postcard-Worthy Henningsvær Harbor

You’ve arrived in the picturesque fishing village of Henningsvær, now it’s time to capture its beauty. The harbor, with its vibrantly colored houses and boat-filled docks, is an Instagrammer’s dream. Here are some pro tips for getting the perfect shot.

Find the Best Vantage Points

For panoramic views of the harbor, head to the Henningsvær Bryggehotell. Their outdoor patios offer sweeping shots of the whole harbor. Another option is walking out to the end of the breakwater jetty. You’ll be surrounded by water, with the village as your backdrop.

Shoot in the Golden Hours

The soft, warm light of sunrise and sunset works magic on the already colorful buildings. For photos bathed in a golden glow, arrive at the harbor around sunrise or stay until sunset. The low angle of the sun will make the colors of the houses even more vibrant.

Get Up Close and Personal

Don’t be afraid to zoom in on the details. Capture a weathered door, windowsills bursting with flowers, or nets and buoys hanging from the docks. These intimate shots highlight the textures and colors that make the village so picturesque.

Include the Locals

Having people in your shots helps to capture the essence of this living, working harbor. Try to include locals going about their daily activities, like mending fishing nets, unloading the catch of the day from their boats or enjoying a drink outside the pub. Their presence adds a sense of place and purpose.

Shoot in Different Weather Conditions

Dramatic weather intensifies the atmosphere in photos. If you’re lucky enough to experience variable weather during your visit, take advantage of it. Shoot in the rain, fog, or even snow to create moody, evocative images of the harbor. The colorful houses and boats contrasted against a gray, stormy sky can be especially striking.

With these tips, you’ll be capturing images of Henningsvær’s harbor worthy of any postcard. Take your time exploring all the angles and details this scenic spot has to offer. The perfect shot is waiting to be found!

The Best Angles and Lighting for Snapping Photos of the Henningsvær Bridges

When photographing the iconic bridges of Henningsvær, timing is everything. Early morning and late evening offer the best lighting conditions to capture these architectural wonders at their most photogenic.

Sunrise Shots

Wake up before dawn and head to the Helgeland Bridge for stunning sunrise shots. Position yourself on the rocks below the bridge or on a boat in the channel. As the sun peeks over the mountains, its golden light will illuminate the bridge, creating a striking silhouette against the colorful sky. The still, glassy water will reflect the scene perfectly. For the best photos, use a wide-angle lens, short exposure, and small aperture.

Sunset at the Bridges

Find an elevated vantage point like the hill behind the museum for panoramic sunset views of the Helgeland and Kallstad bridges. The low angle of the setting sun will bathe the bridges in a warm glow, highlighting their details and casting long shadows across the water. A telephoto lens will help compress the scene and capture the picturesque Norwegian cottages on the shore.

Nighttime Long Exposures

Once the sun has set, the bridges take on a mysterious quality under the cloak of night. Use a tripod to capture long exposure shots, keeping the shutter open for 15-30 seconds. The bridges will be illuminated while the water below is smoothed to a glassy sheen. Headlights and taillights tracing across the bridges create a sense of movement. For the most striking compositions, incorporate reflections of the night sky and bridge lights dancing on the water.

Blue Hour Magic

The blue hour, just before sunrise and after sunset, produces a magical blue tint due to the color of the sky and the type of available light. During this fleeting time, head to the Langebrygga pier for photos of the Kallstad bridge bathed in blue. The dusky sky, deep shadows, and cool tones create a moody, dramatic scene. A fast lens and high ISO will allow you to handhold shots during this low light period.

With the right timing and a creative eye, you’ll be capturing postcard-worthy shots of Henningsvær’s picturesque bridges in no time. Frame your favorites and enjoy memories of this quintessential Norwegian fishing village for years to come!


So there you have it, the five best Instagram hot spots in Henningsvaer for capturing those jaw-dropping shots. Now that you’re armed with these prime locations and pro photographer tips, you’ll be snapping legendary photos in no time that are sure to rack up the likes. This colorful village truly is a photographer’s paradise. Happy shooting!

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